We recently came into possession of a very limited supply of Get Lost Jerseys. The very same jersey that appears in the film worn by Jez, our Scottish versifier. The jerseys were originally created for an entity known as the Get Lost Collective. A Scottish secret society – or so we’re told. We are digging into the lore of this secret society and when we learn more we’ll be sure to fill you in with further details.

The Collective spotted in the wilds of Scotland…

The jerseys are long sleeve with full zipper and constructed of MerinoPerform™ fabric. Perfect year round, in all climates. They are soft, highly breathable, fast drying, odor resistant, with side panel construction and stitched with 3 rear pockets.

As stated above we were only able to acquire a few of each size. We have them available now as a package on our webstore. Once they are gone they are gone.

As we research to uncover the full details surrounding the “Collective” you can become an honorary member and wear this jersey with the pride of a Highlander as you are out there revealing your own path.

We hope to see you on a misty Scottish day riding the singletrack along the lush lochs wearing your GetLost jersey. We can almost hear the bagpipes off in the distance now…